• 09/12/2020

Ilam is one of the 14 district of the Province no 1 in the eastern region of Nepal. It is a beautiful hill station that covers about 1703 sq km and with elevations ranging from 140 m to 3,636 m above sea level. It lies north of Jhapa and has West Bengal (India) to the east. The name Ilam is derived from the limbu language in which "IL" means twisted and "Lam" means road. It is most popular for its tea and its lush green tea gardens but it also attracts researchers for the study of rare birds and the elusive red panda.

Be it a brisk walk in a tea garden, picnic in the peaceful setting and sightseeing stops, short hikes along gentle hills, or explore the nearby woods, there are plenty of things to do and explore in Ilam. There are many hotels in the town and a few resorts a short distance away in the tea gardens.

 Apart from the tea gardens, some of the popular places to visit in Ilam are:

  • Antu Dada
  • Mai Pokhari
  • Sadakpur
  • Kanyam
  • Fikkal
  • Chintapu
  • Pathibhara
  • Gajurmukhi
  • Mai Beni

The weather in Ilam is usually good all year round, except during monsoon when most of the country is engulfed by heavy rains. The best suited time of the year to visit Ilam would be either between October to December or from February to April.